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  • Corteva Agriscience
    January 2020 For the Social Hackathon – The Power of one Day, Corteva Agriscience™, in January 2020, chose the city of Larissa in order to create the communication materials of the messages of the social campaign LifeScore. Admore successfully planned & organised the production. ​ October 2019 Corteva Agriscience™ is more than pleased to announce the launch of the LifeScore initiative at a press conference held at the European Parliament's Office in Greece on 22 October 2019. Admore successfully organized the press conference. September 2019 For the Social Hackathon – The Power of one Day, Corteva Agriscience™, in September 2019, chose the city of Thessaloniki in order to create the communication materials of the messages of the social campaign LifeScore. Admore successfully planned & organised the production.
  • MSD
    When MSD assigned to us the creation of their annual team building activity, we decided to create an original and sustainable action that would benefit society. So, for the first time, all MSD employees in Greece, voluntarily participated in the creation of all the materials for a campaign in order raise awareness for the Inclusion of the Disabled Persons in Greece. In just one day, the materials created, were: a TV commercial, an animation movie, social media statements and collective artworks.
  • Case Study: The Intel Success story
    We are a contracted supplier of Intel Corporation since 2000. At the beginning we were producing and customizing 90% of their printed communication material in Greece. Then we were trained to deliver creative and now we are one stop shop for all Intel’s needs, from budget handling to the organization of most of their events and conferences.
  • Intel success stories
    In summer 2003 we participated in a Pan-European new-technologies promotional campaign contest. We won the contest with our proposed campaign and we successfully implemented it in Greece, under the name “The Big Intel Game”. In summer 2004 we participated again in the same contest and won the campaign again. This time our concept “Intel Challenge”, scored the best concept among 32 EMEA countries. Intel doubled our budget (that was the last time Intel organized those promo-campaigns). Since 2006 we are assigned to organize Intel’s conferences in Greece and Cyprus. They take place twice a year and aim to communicate new technology to their distribution channel. In addition since 2006 and until now, we are Intel’s country budget controllers.
  • Case Study: The British American Tobacco Success story
    September 2006 we were contacted by PMI (Phillip Morris International). After one month of appointments we were assigned a small project for Trade-Marketing. In mid October 2006 we were approached by BAT (British American Tobacco). We were also assigned with a Trade-Marketing project. Due to business ethics morals, we chose to continue working with BAT. Since then we designed and constructed - among others – the first Lucky Strike and Dunhill concept stores and the first Pall Mall University coffee shop in Greece. This fall, we have designed two additional Dunhill stores, and two Pall Mall concept coffee shops. At the moment, we are constructing three of the above.
  • BAT success story
    Once again we were used as a major Think Tank, since we were involved in the biggest two-year project of BAT Hellas. We were the only supplier involved from day one, attending Idea Generation Workshops. A big marketing research, conducted by RI (Research International), tested the ideas and resulted to twelve concepts. Eight out of which were admore’s. BAT bought and copywrited our ideas and innovations for kiosk design and trade marketing materials. We were the second biggest supplier of the campaign and BAT’s preferred supplier organization of most of their events and conferences.
  • Hellenic Tours / Kuoni
    We were the exclusive Advertising agency of Kuoni’s subsidiary in Greece for six years.
  • Cyprus Airways & Cyprair Holidays
    We were their main Ad Agency for seven years in charge of 90% of all their local exposure.
  • Ministry of Macedonia & Thrace
    For 2 consecutive years we were setting up all the Ministry’s events and conferences at Macedonia, from concept to logo and branding to meetings and conference organizing. Due to our creative ideas we were chosen to produce for the Ministry the press kit for the “Prime Ministers’ conference” at Porto Carras.
  • Ministry of Culture
    Since 2004 we have been collaborating with the Ministry of Culture, organizing most of their meetings and events. We organized the “Council of Ministers of Culture of South East Europe” under the Greek cultural Presidency, in May 2009, in Athens, as well as all of the respective series of events.
  • National Research Centre Democritos
    In 2004 we started organizing annually the Educative program “Summer School”. Until now we collaborate with Democritos Research Centre organizing major events (REPM 2008, Eurosensors 2011).
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